A few comments on the photo books

John Crosley (photographer), USA
Willem Wernsen is not widely known so far as I can tell in the USA, but deserves to be. His work is among the best ‘street’ and humanistic photography that has been produced in recent times, and it all bears his distinctive style — a style that would be nearly impossible to emulate. I greatly admire Wernsen’s work and wish only that my work could hold a candle to his.

Ann Randall Martin, USA
I have quite a collection of photo books and Willem’s “Timeless,” is a treasured favorite. The big beautiful black and white images on each page tell a story of both the subject and the photographer. “Timeless” is a book of honest, engaging compassion for people that is effortlessly relatable to the reader.
“Timeless” extols the wonder and beauty in every age, shape and size of all humankind. I LOVE this book.

Alaina Dall, USA
Your images in this video are absolutely stunning. Every one is a real beauty. You are truly one of the great portraiture photographers of today. Please Flickr mail me and let me know the cost of the book with shipping to the U.S. I would be honored to have a signed copy.

Marjan van der Kuil, Netherlands
If I see the photo’s of Willem Wernsen I see ‘contact with people’. Not only in his book ‘Beautiful People’, but also in his last book ‘Timeless. He’s a portrait master! And the prints are truly beautiful. I admire his work, I’m a big fan!!

Dénis den Daas, Netherlands
To my eye Willem’s photos are honest and direct, like the photographer himself. You can tell that Willem is one of the people he photographs, not just looking at them from a distance. This contact helps the viewer of his photographs to connect with the people and situations he has captured. They are people like him, like you, like me.
Also, Willem has a great eye for light and for capturing the right moment. This combination has again resulted in a book full of wonderful photos of beautiful people from various walks of life. All in classic and sometimes slightly raw black and white and many of them in a square format. Looking at the many photos in the book, you will travel from Holland to France and then to Turkey in only a few pages. That might be a little confusing sometimes, but I think it also sends a clear message; no matter where on earth we’re from, we are all human beings, all trying to find our way in life.

Kaltenstein, Germany
Deine bilder wirken sehr stark auf die Seele der Betrachter. Sind ausdrucksvoll, authentisch, erzählen eine Geschichte der Menschen, welche Du fotografierst hast…Sie wirken nicht nur auf die Augen, sie wirken auch in unseren Herzen.Danke für das Erlebniss! Viele Grüsse K.

Your images touch the soul of the viewer. They are expressive, authentic, and they tell a story about the people you’ve photographed …
Your photos are not just for the eyes, but you also get into the heart. Thanks for this experience! Sincerely, K.

Ben Ros, Netherlands
The B&W work of Willem is so appealing because it really touches something inside. Willem has the ability to realise a 1-to-1 contact between his subjects, himself and last but not least the one looking a his photos.
His amazing post production technique on top of that give an exta emphasis on the characters he is interested in and wants to share with you. He is, like others have said before, a true humanist. Not looking for the most beautiful people, but for the regulars bringing along a truthfull interest in the other and by photographing them in the way he does, lifting your interest as well when you look at his pictures.
A really positive and rewarding ‘vista’ at the others who cross his path and whom he seaks to encounter. Chapeau.

Rob Hoegen, Netherlands
Thanks for Timeless. It’s worth every penny of it, again. I’ve shown it to some people over here, and they all came up with superlatives similar to the people present you on this website. Full of ‘feelings’, beautiful. About people, for people. Can imagine that both books would be a beautiful promotional gift for companies to present to their clients next Xmas.

Ann Randall Martin, USA
Willem, I received your book and it was far better than I could have imagined! Your compassion and connectedness to the subjects you shoot makes me feel as though I know them too. I truly admire your work and I thank you for sending your book to me so quickly – I have enjoyed your point of view immensely. I have shared your images with both photographer and non-photographer friends and you have gained quite a few more admirers. Now, if I could just learn Dutch I would be all set. Thanks.

Saygilarimla, Serdar, Turkye
Hello Willem, well how should I put it? Your work goes far beyond any FC or anything else your work has soul, warmth and a lot of feeling. It must be very satisfying for you to know that you managed to touch the souls of some people out there right.
What you didnt know that? Well then now you do. Willem to my mind, you are one of the last true humanists in this world, in this sense I want you to know that I am very thankful that you share your vision with us and therefore give us the opportunity to grow into something that you have achieved long ago. Namely this is the Art of empathetic soulful, poetic documentary lightpainting.
To put it in Turkish: Ellerinden öper ve sevgi ve saygilarimlari sunar ve sana ve bize yüce yillar dilerim Usta.

Willem Laros, Netherlands
The book is not –contrary to Beautiful People- ‘logically’ grouped in regard to the places where the photos were taken. They now all are placed in random order and why not? It is each image on its own that tells the story, causes astonishment, evokes compassion. Masterly done, enjoyment, photo after photo. And yes, what a special type of species are walking around on this earth of ours. In the streets one will see a special type like that now and then. Willem Wernsen also sees them, talks to them and photographs them.
Besides his photographic art, this is also a quality of him which calls up admiration.
A third book? The aficionados of the better black-and-white portrait are already looking forward for it…

Lieve De Bleeckere, Belgium
Looking into Willem’s book is always an intense pleasure for me, not only because of the beautiful B&W photography but especially because I feel his deep respect and empathy for his subjects throughout the book. A great example of “human” documentary work!!

Hans Niezen, Netherlands
The book is the crown on my jewel collection. I admire the way Willem Wernsen approaches his themes, and the way he freely takes the photos in exactly the way he sees and wants. His style of printing and converting his neg(ative)s and dig(neg)s into a book full of pearls and diamonds are a joy for the eye. Directly relating to his way to way he works: no masks, open and direct.
Seldom I’ve seen so many people enjoying and admiring his protraits in the many expositions he had. An open mind, open hart, a direct way of catching the right string from heart to heart.

Roel de Vringer, photographer, The Netherlands
After a first sneak-preview of Timeless and then seeing a selection of photos during the lecture in OLV, today I finally picked up the books. During a coffee, I wanted to  take a short look …
Almost two hours later, I have ‘read’ it completely and once again I am impressed by the talent of William Wernsen and his authentic way to capture people in their own natural environment.
The book is well printed, so the photos look great. This second book of Willem is definitely a must for those who love photos in the style of Ed van der Elsken or Henry Cartier-Bresson. As a critical reader/owner of pretty much books of these celebrities, I can say this without any restraint. In my point of view, Willem Wernsen is on the road to find his own place in the history of photography.