Twirly thoughts

Willem’s Twirly Thoughts 7

I watched a broadcasting about psychiatry in Belgium on Canvas television. The history and treatments in the past were the focus, a probing documentary. Twirly Thoughts: The nephew That documentary reminded me of a visit to a former psychiatric hospital in Belgium that was converted into a museum and where a photography exhibition was. The museum, or the psychiatric hospital, belonged to a large psychiatric complex,
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Willem’s Twirly Thoughts 6

Twirly thoughts 6: Little An China: The Forbidden City and the immense square in front of the imperial throne, where the weed is scratched off between the stones. The history that took place on that square was written in these stones and cannot be weeded. I wonder if that woman, who daily removes the weeds and sees the masses of tourists pass by her, knows and realizes what has happened there? I couldn´t ask her, so
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Willem ’s Twirly Thoughts 5

Willem at the “We-have-it-all” shop Already in 1999, I had something with windows. Aactually, it was long before that. My photos of people in their own homes and interiors come from that interest. Whenever I went for a walk I always looked through the windows of all houses that I passed by and when it was possible to see the back garden through the windows, I did! Perhaps a bit cheeky, but photography is looking and
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Willem’s Twirly Thoughts 4

A sweet box for photographers The popular districts of Antwerp Delightful strolls through the popular districts of Antwerp where I took this photo years back. Often long, narrow streets, rollerblinds tightly shut. Small bars on many of the street corners. A permanent fixture for many of the residents, these bars. One day closed, and always something to do on the other six. Whatever day you wander into one of them, al
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Willem’s Twirly Thoughts 3

Subjectivity and emotion Looking at photos is always a subjective activity. An image can inspire any number of emotions in the photographer – feelings of a moment, a conversation, or a memory, to name just a few. However, this does not concern the viewer. For him or her, the photo is just a picture on the wall or an image on the screen. That’s just how it is; it inspires you or it doesn’t. As a phot
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Willem’s Twirly Thoughts 2

Me plastic have… When I visit Gent in the weekends, the boot-sale near St Jacobs is a must. One hour shooting with my camera on 600 square meters, where dealers sell their art and kitsch. The market has existed for years, every Friday, Saturday and Sunday, early in the morning till noon, and a motley crew of inhabitants of Gent can always be found there. Since 2012 I visited the market about 5 times, and each t
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Willem’s Twirly Thoughts 1

A thought of mind I am photographing people for 35 years now and it has never been my intention to cause laughter with my portraits. Integrity comes first, always! To me integrity is a must, to protect those portrayed by me. I know I succeeded, it is confirmed and endorsed by critics of both my books. The glamour of hidden beauty I am not intentionally seeking for people who deviate from the so called standard norm,
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