Vintage Photo prints


What are vintage prints?

Vintage prints are regarded by many as the real art work of the photographer, because they are the first original prints. Vintage prints are usually signed and dated by the photographer, which also applies to the vintage prints of William Wernsen.
With the photo you order, you get also a Certificate of Authenticity.

All vintage prints are manually printed in the darkroom – the old-fashioned way. There is only one print of all vintage photos produced this way, which makes every vintage print unique. Unlike the other photos on this site, which are sold in a limited edition of 01/5-01/10-01/25 prints.


Print information

Photo Paper : Ilford Pearl RC de Luxe
The photo is glued on acid free paper, size 29 x 29 cm.
Photo size including frame: 50 cm x 50 cm. The frame includes museum glass.


How to order a vintage print?

To order a print/info: send me an email


the numbers 004-005-011-014-021 are sold by © Foundation Willem Wernsen Photography

Price 1495 €

include shipping Cost.