Willem Wernsen, photographer


About me

I am Willem Wernsen (1954, Amersfoort, The Netherlands). I am autodidact – my former professions were butcher and market superintendent .
I have developed myself from amateur to professional photographer. My work is mainly social documentary, many portraits and street photography.

I have published 4 books Beautiful people, (2003, sold out)
and Timeless, (2011) Solt oud! Behind the Great Wall (October 2014). On Street Photography Nov 2015 ( e-book By Craft&Vision Canada

“About 35 years ago I bought my first camera. Photography started as a hobby, but it has grown into a passionate life style.
From start I felt the need to photograph people. Of course in black and white, because I love that the most.
In that time I collected books of the great photographers. Many hours I have spent looking at all that beautiful photos, it gave me so much inspiration.
Through the years I have developed myself and the connoisseurs say I developed my own style of photography”